The Island Ear:

“...These people really are weird...”

“...The Slant have been called everything from eclectic to weird, and I’d have to say those are accurate parameters. Showcasing a lot of strong original pop from a forthcoming debut album, musically they will bring to mind artists like Blondie, Lena Lovitch and Spider. Visually, they are an entity unto themselves...The Slant is determined to carve out their own space, and they’re doing it the way it should be done -- marching to their own beat and seasoning it with a lot of tried and true flavorings. A band to watch for!!!”

John Blenn
Long Island Entertainment News

“(The Slant’s) blend of surf-safari rock and alterna-pop reminded me of The Breeders and The Pixies, and their new wave sensibilities really caught the crowd’s attention.”

Joseph Corbo
Good Times

“The Slant, quixotically quirky survivors of the Island’s early ’80s new wave scene, is back to bring us a taste of what ‘alternative’ used to mean...nothing is what you expect to hear and the resulting melange is as refreshing as an air-conditioned record store on a blistering summer day. Forget the season and rummage through a set of Slant tunes and find an unexpected treat.”

Michael Giacalone
Long Island Voice


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